EMC CABLE GLAND (IP68 Rating - Nickel Plated)

    These Gland are used in applications which involve shielded cables for electromagnetic protection. These glands help in maintaining the electromagnetic integrity of the shielded cable by just tightening the gland. ‘to get protect shielding the outer sheath of the cable is stripped by approximately 10mm. This sripped cable is passe through the EMC gland. Tightening the gland enables a special spring inside the gland to came in contact with the cable braiding. This is not only helps in electromagnetic shielding but also give an ip68 protection level along with strain relief to the cable. cable glands with long thread of reduced clamping range are also available on request.


    Material : Brass Nickel Plated         

    Plastic Insert : Polymide – 6

    EMC Spring : Copper Berrylium     

    Sealing Ring : Neoprene

    ‘O’ Ring : Perbunan (NBR)             

    Protection Class : IP-68

    Thread available : PG & Metric